How I Started my Own Virtual Assistant Business

April 13, 2021
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April 13, 2021 Malia W

The most frequently asked question I get about my business is how did I get started? It’s the big question…Everyone wants to know it…Everyone wants to know HOW you did it!

So how did I start my Virtual Assistant Business? (Spoiler Alert: I give you the truth!)

Starting my own Virtual Assistant business popped into my head due to the pandemic and when I started working from home full-time. I absolutely LOVED the WFH lifestyle! I got to hangout with my cats all day, no dreaded commute, and I LOVED the freedom it gave me. One night while scrolling through TikTok a video came up about a girl that ran her own VA business. I immediately thought, “what a life…to be your own boss and do something that genuinely interests you.” From the start of that video, I knew I had to research virtual assistance more thoroughly. I had an inkling I possessed a lot of the skills it took, but I had NEVER started my own business or even thought of it this soon in my life and career.  

From there, I started researching how to start a VA business for free. I didn’t have money to spare and didn’t want to be putting thousands of dollars into something I wasn’t even sure would pan out. I stumbled upon Abbey Ashley’s free VA Checklist. The checklist basically was an overview of the steps I needed to take in order to get my own virtual assistant business up and running.  I started to work immediately on ticking things off of the checklist. It really gave me a sense of what I needed to do and where I needed to start. 

I quickly realized that I was in desperate need of more help than the free VA Checklist could provide. That’s when I took a deeper look into The SavvySystem complete course to starting a virtual assistant business. I was sold in a matter of days. Just from recognizing the value Abbey’s free VA Checklist had on myself, I knew her course was the one for me. I had a ton of faith that I would succeed like so many of the testimonials from her students did. I purchased the course and can honestly say it was the #1 thing that gave me success in starting my Virtual Assistant business! Without a doubt I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today, with multiple longterm clients and short term projects under my belt, making the same amount of money I was in my W2 career. 

The SavvySystem course and checklist that CHANGED my life!

If you’re genuinely interested in starting your own virtual assistant business take a look at her Free VA Checklist. Or better yet, head straight to The SavvySystem Course. I believe in this system and course so much that I became an affiliate partner. To be honest, I don’t know much about affiliate marketing, but know this course has CHANGED my life. I’m not about to gate keep the way I started my successful business…because I was there too!

Check out the FREE VA Checklist

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