Unplanned Success: My Journey to Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

January 31, 2024
January 31, 2024 Malia W

In the precipitous world of entrepreneurship, everyone is always wondering: “how did you start?” I get asked this quite often, too. And guess what? I absolutely love sharing my journey! So, how did I land in the vibrant universe of virtual assistance? Let’s jump right in.

A TikTok Tale

Rewind to the days when we all started working remotely due to the pandemic, I was relishing my work-from-home life. Cozying up with my cats, saying adios to tedious commutes, and indulging in the seemingly endless tendrils of freedom—these luxuries captivated me. Then, a TikTok video popped up on my feed—a young woman talking about her virtual assistant business. That moment was nothing short of an epiphany. Intrigued and inspired, I wondered if I could turn my skills into a thriving VA business.

Starting for Free: The Secret Sauce (well more like webinar)

I began researching extensively on how to start a virtual assistant business without breaking the bank. That’s when I stumbled upon Abbey Ashley’s free Ultimate VA Workshop class, an inroad into the journey of becoming a successful virtual assistant. This comprehensive webinar was a beacon through the fog of my initial confusion, guiding me through the necessary steps to get my own VA business up and running.

Are you curious to follow the same path? Watch the encore webinar the Ultimate VA Workshop and start your journey today.

Transforming Journey with The SavvySystem Course

The class informed me that I needed a more comprehensive understanding to navigate this landscape skillfully. That’s when I discovered The SavvySystem course. Packed with profound insights and strategies, it’s a whole package—basically, the holy grail of starting a virtual assistant business. My confidence in Abbey’s workshop was such a catalyst, which led me to invest in the course. Within days, I knew it was money well spent and within months I had already made back my money that I invested into the course!

Are you ready to dive deeper and gain the step-by-step knowledge you need to thrive as a virtual assistant? Then trust me, The SavvySystem Course is worth your investment.

My faith reaped rich dividends, leading me to climb the ladder of success swiftly, similar to many of Abbey’s other students. The course turned out to be the #1 contributor to my victorious stride in the VA world. Today, my portfolio brims with many long-term clients and short-term projects—earning me as much as I did in my W2 within the 1st year and now much MORE.

The Game-Changing Course

Yes, The SavvySystem course and workshop dramatically changed my life, and I can’t keep it a secret. That’s why I chose to become an affiliate partner and share this resource with many aspiring VAs out there.

To put it plainly, I knew little about affiliate marketing at the start, but I strongly believed in the value of this course. That’s why I’m sharing this life-altering secret with you, and not just keeping it to gate keep my way to success.

Curious to follow my steps? Start with the free workshop or skip ahead to the SavvySystem Course. Trust me, this step towards starting your own VA business could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for!

Remember, every remarkable journey begins with a single step 🙂